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Manawaka Ao and Kabayan counseling have teamed up to bring you free counseling support. Please send an inquiry to

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Inter - Ethnic Racial Prejudice and Discrimination online Panel in collaboration with Creative Unlimited Collective,  Wellbeing Charitable Trust, Project Tamkin and Do you still dream?


Radio NZ  link on this event can be found here

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Women of colour pathway to Leadership and Governance programme with Amelia Longuet (Kapati Coast Multicultural Council)

covering topics such as

Basic Contract law principles, principles of employment relations, Health and Safety rules and regulations, tax and financial matters.


It was also important to understand 

 What do we mean when we use the word Governance? The 

Difference between Governance and Management and what great models of Governance can look like.

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Feel like un siloing on a project - and working together - drop us a line.

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