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"I want to talk about how racism has impacted me and how I have been othered. Please do not cancel my experience even if its not been yours. This network is supporting us to have these conversations"
 "I have never felt solidarity with other women of colour even though I have tried. I thought even with women I had a shared country history with. It's been hard. I have found one or two women at this stage - but we are finding each other".
 " Solidarity feels like someone has my back. Solidarity feels like when I have organised an event in community, other sisters join me by just showing up and not expecting me just to go to their events and always supporting what they do. Solidarity is action, not just words".
"Before I joined this network, I knew only a handful of other women. It's been a blessing as I have never really ventured out of my own Indian community to even attend other ethnic group events."
 " There's been so much sharing in the what's app space as women have been sharing about the different festivals they celebrate. I didn't know, what I didn't know. I have done lots of learning that I did not even know I needed".
 " Journey to decolonise my mind. JOY summit 2022 was a great event to bring me closer to elders within my community that helped me reframe my relationship with older generations. Prior I only interacted with those that were unsafe and triggering to their agenda whereas everyone I met at Manawaka Ao was open and in their journey of decolonisation which was awesome to be part of.."
 " I have always tended to receive support from Māori and other  women not from the community I belong to.  I do not understand why we see each others as competition. Some of the Ethnic women spaces are really unsafe "
"   As a queer ethnic woman I get a lot of judgement from other women within community so I tend to avoid spaces. Our communities buy into individualism, status and external validation too much. It can be quite toxic and draining. This gets in the way of being in relationship with each other".
"What has blown me away about being a part of this network community is the commitment to growing as better Tangata tiriti, deepening our understanding about systemic issues of race and indigeneity, and the impacts of colonisation here in Aotearoa. This makes me proud to be a part of this community. We meet one another in Aroha. uplifting one another, not tearing each other down and not in competition with others. I have loved seeing solidarity in action, safe spaces being created, our differences being celebrated, gentleness through sharing of knowledge and indigenous wisdoms, generosity of spirit, being met with Aroha."
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Sharing our stories, creates understanding and solidarities

Is there a story or experience that you would like to share on our wall? Brick by brick, we get to reimagine and retell and reclaim who and how we are.

Thanks for sharing!

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