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Tapa Marketing with Jasmine Tuia

26 May 2023

Jasmine is a tapa maker

We’re fortunate to be in community with Jasmine who will support us in talanoa (conversation) and to mark on tapa according to Moana techniques of storytelling. As a participant you will get to take home your art.

As we have these experiences in community what we are also learning is that are ‘rehearsing freedoms’ together, learning that we are more ‘interconnected’ than we actually think and what that may also mean for us.

We have ended up with waiting lists after our last few experiences and want to bring forth so much more so if you would love to collaborate on something please hit us up.

In the meantime we also 💚💚💚 @iloveavondale who we’ve been fortunate enough to be in collaboration with. We urge you to check out their kaupapa. A humble crew of amazing humans who we feel rehearse freedoms every day in what they are able to achieve, with their kai pataki, community dinners, mainstreet art gallery showcasing local badass talent, storytelling and so much more. The vision of one local Avondale resident.

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